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Training For the Busy Professional and Next Level Athlete 


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Aleks B. (Personal Client)

John communication is great, he makes you feel comfortable working out, no matter your body type or age, very positive and full of insight on building strength and muscle, proper diets and exercises. I would recommend him to all of my friends and family. Simply Incredible.

Ashley S. (Next Level Athlete)

My son has been training here with his 7 on 7 football team for the last 8 weeks. I have seen a great improvement in the strength and stamina of my young athlete. Would definitely reccomend training here with John!

Flex W. (Next Level Athlete)

Coach Jenkins is great with young athletes teaching them the basics & foundation strength training.

Jennifer G. (Next Level Athlete)

My 12 year old son trains with "Coach John" multiple times per week as part of his football program. He always looks forward to going to practice and is learning about body mechanics, safe lifting techniques, and nutrition. 5 stars!

Jennifer L. (Personal Client)

John has a lot of knowledge to share. Each time we come to train he has something new for us to work on. It keeps our sessions fresh and comfortable. He also provided us with a quick and easy food plan to follow. If you're looking for a good personal trainer John's the one!

Mike L. (Next Level Athlete)

John is accommodating, professional, knowledgeable and willing to work! He has been training my son for about a year and we have seen amazing growth in aspects of his athletic performance. I highly recommend you reach out and schedule some time with Eugene Personal Training.

Charity W. (Next Level Athlete)

John is an amazing trainer, with vast knowledge and experience! He is wonderful with teaching the young athletes how to take care of themselves and train correctly! He emphasizes a whole, well rounded approach to them, that is so valuable. He is very easy to speak with, and quick to respond. He doesn't mind answering many questions, and individualizing anything needed. We trust him completely and we feel blessed to have John as our son's trainer and coach!

Sierra M. (Next Level Athlete)

John has been so great with training my 7th grader. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. I am impressed with how my son has progressed. Anytime we have a question he responds in a timely manner.

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Vonnie W. (Personal Client)

I am a 57-year-old athlete dedicated to fitness for most of my adult life. However, my job demands have taken me away from my fitness routine in the past ten years. Recently, I had an "aha moment" when John helped me understand the difference between motivation and discipline. I realized that more than relying solely on motivation to exercise is needed as it is short-lived. The key is discipline to maintain fitness, and it helps to reap the rewards of being fit. I have missed the endorphins, how my body feels after a workout, and the energy boost that accompanies regular exercise.


Although my mind is still like I'm in my 20s and 30s, my body is not. I don't want to hurt myself, so I can't push my body like I used to. I have tried Boot Camp and other trainers, but I needed help finding proper one-on-one guidance to ensure I am doing the right exercises with the correct form and reps. I also need to find out when I have reached my body's limit or if I'm working the correct muscle group.


That's why I chose John as my trainer. In my first session with John, I realized he knew what he was doing. In just 30 minutes, I have seen more results than in my previous program. John trains efficiently, motivates me at every step, and gives clear and direct instructions on proper technique and which muscle groups to focus on. He demonstrates each move and adjusts when necessary. He also offers a nutrition program and is invested in my success.


John has helped me understand the importance of different muscle contractions in weightlifting variations for my program. My experience has been that most trainers only focus on concentric muscular contraction, such as bench press, bent-over row, or lat pulldown. However, I had a complete slap tear about five years ago and lost a lot of strength and mobility. John introduced me to isometric and eccentric movements essential for strengthening weakened muscles. Slow, methodical movements create tension in the right areas. I am amazed at my progress in building muscle, and gaining mobility and confidence in my sessions.


I am not trying to lose body fat; instead, I want to build strength, and John is taking me down the right path. I was down ten pounds in my first three weeks, and my muscle mass increased gradually. I am extremely satisfied with my results so far, and I promise you that if you choose John's services, you will not be disappointed.

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